New product development

PE separator for EFB(Enhanced Flooded Battery)

EFB was developed for maximizing lifetime and start-up performance of SLI battery to apply to ISS system.

SIC has developed separators which can improve deep cycling performance and endure battery overload, and reduce water loss which are required for EFB.

  • Low hydration short
  • Low water loss for maintenance-free batteries
  • Improved high rate cycling performance
  • Improved charge acceptance
EFB Separator image

EFB Separator

AGM separator (Absorption Glass Mat)

AGM separator is the next generation separator which will be used for VRLA(Valve-Regulated Lead Acid) battery of a luxury car.

It consists of glass fiber unlike existing polymer separator, and it prevents electrolyte leakage by completely absorbing the electrolyte. Because of excellent acid resistant ability and large surface area, AGM separators are suitable for high performance battery. SIC is processing development and production of AGM separators which have high porosity and mechanical properties.

AGM Separator image

AGM Separator